Kelly Benish

Kelly Benish is VP of Business Development at BIA Kelsey, one of the leading media and advertising consulting firms in the world. Her focus at BIA Kelsey consists of targeted sales efficiency, product recommendations, strategic planning and custom marketing. She sits on the board of educational non-profit Angel Ed, where she manages the marketing focus. In her spare time, she authors the ‘CareerCheck’ column for NetNewsCheck, prior, she founded and authored the Movers and Shakers Column at Street Fight.

Starting in finance and finding her way to the interwebs by chance, Benish has always had a keen eye on networking and learning new business models. Her experience in sales, marketing and business development specialization around media clients spans IYP’s, publishers, newspapers, agencies and vertical industries. Benish has a BA in English and Criminal Justice, graduating with honors from the University of North Carolina.

kelly-benish-salesfuel-headshotBenish has been fortunate enough to work with some highly intelligent people that allowed her to learn from their mistakes and triumphs, she’s been given excellent advice, trained to ask the right questions, taught to know that one’s reputation, word and integrity are everything. She’s also been afforded some great opportunities – all of which she’s taken. She is also an advisor for the AR / VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) Association.

Benish is a recognized national speaker including engagements through BIA Kelsey, Borrell, Local Media Association, Local Search Association, Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, Association of Directory Publishers, Inland Press Association, SMX & more.

Business development, social networking, public speaking, connectivity & live networking, management, sales, agreements & business plan implementation, organization and impeccable fulfillment, building & planning next generation solutions, market research & future inclinations, sales training, sales leadership & mentoring, recruiting and development of new talent, customer acquisition, marketing, SEO, PPC, and Social Media.